The Translation Services Agency “Interpretation” renders the following translation services:


  • Written translation of tutorials, brochures, books, magazines, instructions into the basic, rare European languages, languages of the countries CIS, east languages
  • Written translation of materials in files of any formats, including drawings and presentations
  • Performance of examinations on all languages of the Agency, a spelling course, degree projects in a language
  • Help in a spelling of the resume in any language of agency
  • Editing of the technical editor, the literary editor, the proof-reader;
  • Work with glossaries and terminological bases;
  • Use of technologies ТМ (Translation Memory);


  • Interpretation ( consecutive/ simultaneous interpretation), services of the guide - translator, services of the tutor for the companies and leaving abroad, business - English, business - German, etc.);
  • Simultaneous interpretation for the conferences


  • Typing and printing of texts
  • Translation of inscriptions, registration of translations with full preservation of formatting of initial texts
  • Services skilled imposers (performance of works in a format one to one)
  • Reconstruction in programs of making-up of files submitted in a format pdf.
  • Translation of the materials submitted on any data medium and any formats;
  • Translation of audio materials;
  • Translation, dubbing of video data.


  • Scanning, x-copying;
  • Recruitment of the staff translator;
  • The courier;
  • Listing, recording on diskette / CD.

We offer a complex of additional services (notarial certification, apostille, consular legalization of documents; and also editing and making-up of translations).

  • Written translation for notarial certification, complex support translations for leaving abroad
  • Notarial certification, apostille, legalization

Notarial certification. Apostille.

Notarial certification - is enough for presentation of documents inside the country.

Apostille is put down on official documents which are prepared within the territory of the Russian Federation and should be submitted on a territory of one of the states - participants of the Hague convention of 1961. Apostille certifies authenticity of the signature, quality in which the person who has signed the document acted.

The signature, seal and the stamp, put down on apostille do not demand any further certification or legalization, and the document in which entered apostille can be used in any of the countries - participants of the Hague convention. Concerning such documents their notarially certified translation can be required only.

The list of the countries - participants of the Hague convention:

Austria the Great Britain Macedonia Slovenia
Antigua and Barbuda Hungary Malawi the USA
Argentina Greece Malta Surinam
Armenia Israel Marshall Islands Tonga
Bahamas Spain Netherlands Turkey
Byelorussia Italy Norway Fiji
Belize Cyprus Panama Finland
Belgium Lesotho Portugal France
Bosnia Herzegovina Liechtenstein Swaziland Germany
Botswana Luxembourg Seychelles Croatia
Brunei Mauritius Saint Christopher and Nevis Switzerland

The list of the states for which is not required apostil, legalization:
(concerning educational documents)

Republic Albania Republic Cyprus Republic Tajikistan
The Algerian National Democratic Republic The Chinese
National Republic the Tunisian Republic the Azerbaijan Republic
The Korean Democratic Republic Turkmenistan Republic Armenia
Republic Cuba Republic Uzbekistan Republic of Byelorussia
The Latvian Republic Ukraine Republic Bulgaria
The Lithuanian Republic The Czech Republic The Hungarian Republic
Republic Moldova The Estonian Republic Socialist Republic Vietnam
Mongolia the states formed in Territory former Yugoslavia  
Georgia Republic Poland Republic Kazakhstan
Romania The Kirghiz Republic Slovak Republic
the Kirghiz Republic Slovak Republic  

We rigidly control translation process and we watch our customers to receive professionally made translation in the terms established by them.

Therefore, we strictly adhere to the following principles of work:


Our agency guarantees to the customers performance of works in precisely stipulated terms. For this purpose it is necessary for us even prior to the beginning of work with your order to receive the information about volume of the text and a degree complexity of it (thematic area, presence of special terms, figures, drawings, etc.). We translate texts of great volume and we offer terms favourable to the customer, without damage to translation quality.


Each translated document irrespective of it volume is edited all over again technical, and then the literary editor in our agency. For editing highly specialized texts we involve the persons being experts in a concrete field of knowledge, and also we work with editors - native speakers from the Great Britain, France, Germany, the USA, Japan, China, Iran, etc.


The Translation Services Agency “Interpretation” guarantees to you full confidentiality and safety of documents.

Confidentiality is provided with signing of the Agreement on confidentiality, both with the company - customer, and with the employees of the company having access to corresponding materials, and also, a complex of measures accepted by us on protection of the information inside the company.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us by phone in Moscow:+7 (499) 978-95-63