Depending on language orders are shared on the following price groups:

1-st group - the widespread European languages (English, French, German, Spanish).

2-nd group - less widespread European languages (Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croation, Greek).

3-rd group - the Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish).

4-th group - Near Eastern and Far Eastern languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Khmer, Arabian, Persian, Turkish, Afghan, Hebrew, etc.).

The order of payment

50 % from settlement cost of translational services are paid at registration of the order, final settlement is made after end of work.

You can choose the form of payment most convenient for you - bank translation or payment by cash.

Unit of measurements of cost written translation is the standard page (1800 printed marks with blanks on statistics MS Word).

The volume of the text of translation less than page (1800 marks with blanks) are paid at the price of one page.

Above mentioned quotations can vary depending on complexity of the text and promptness of performance the order.

Remember, at calculations the important role is played with volume of the order, terms of it execution, a source language and language of translation, and also whether you are our new or constant client.

Contact us during any time convenient for you, we shall answer all your questions and we shall calculate cost of your order!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

For corporate clients we offer - user's service. If your company services of the translator then this offer will be interesting to you constantly. In this kind of service the Agreement is made between a Company-customer and the Translation services agency “Interpretation” which gives you the following advantages:

  • You are provided with personal manager who controls execution of the order from the date of its reception to the end;
  • Consulting with you, we create uniform terminological glossary which is used in further translations to keep the uniform terminology and stylistics in your orders;
  • Our skilled translators help you to translate business correspondence, technical documents and conduct telephone conversations in the shortest terms;
  • The translator starts to work within one hour, after reception of the order;
  • For you we always offer the flexible system of discounts from 5-15% depending on volume of the text;
  • Free-of-charge departure of the courier.

The Translation Services Agency “Interpretation” guarantee to you:

  • Confidentiality of acquired information (the Agreement about non-disclosure is signed);
  • Strict observance of terms of work performance;
  • High translation quality;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Individual attention to each customer;
  • Stylistic correcting;
  • Checking of the order by commissioning editor;
  • Work with translator who specializes in the subject of your order;

Please, do not hesitate to contact us by phone in Moscow: +7 (499) 978-95-63